This version adds several highly requested features and improves compatibility.

Nofollow links

There is now a default setting for adding rel="nofollow" to outbound links in your testimonials; for example, links to your client’s website or their LinkedIn profile. Of course, that can be set on each URL field in each testimonial as you see fit.

Checkbox field type

You can now add a checkbox to your testimonial submission form for requiring consent or agreement to terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc. The “Before”, “After”, and “Text” properties now allow basic HTML (the same tags allowed in posts) and shortcodes. For example:

Agree to our <strong><a href="/terms" target="_blank">Terms & Conditions</a></strong>


You can get even more form spam control by using Captcha Pro by BestWebSoft.

Loading of almost all front-end JavaScript is now deferred. Inline scripts were moved to external JavaScript files. This means (1) greater compatibility with modern themes that defer loading resources like Masonry and (2) improved page load metrics.

Deferred loading also solves a nagging problem of the form honeypots causing false positives.

That’s a big update

Clear your caches.

Test your form and views.

If any admin screen looks wonky, try a hard refresh.

Report any troubles here.

Chris Dillon

About the author: Chris Dillon is a WordPress developer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. When not trying to figure out why his plugins aren't working, he walks his rescue dog Gordo, takes a nap in the backyard or makes a mess in the kitchen.