This version improves the excerpt options and fixes some minor bugs.


At its core, WordPress is designed for blog posts. So your theme is given the last word when it comes to excerpts: the length of an automatic excerpt and the “Read more” link text.

Applying those settings selectively to other post types like testimonials in a theme-agnostic manner is difficult, if not near impossible. I know because I tried for two days. 🙂

So, at the cost of some duplicate code, the plugin now fully controls how the testimonial excerpt is handled. The result is better theme compatibility.

It’s really how it should have been done from the start. Lesson learned.

Features and Fixes

This version also adds a frequent request: the ability to link the title to the full testimonial post. It is disabled by default so you will need to edit your view to enable it.

A bug was fixed in logging the error if the notification email failed. And the featured image should now adapt properly on mobile devices for themes that lack that responsive style.


Ideally, for those who don’t want to use their theme’s single post template to display testimonials, the “Read more” would link to a page that mimics that by displaying the individual testimonial using a plugin template while maintaining the permalink structure

While working on this update, I discovered a way to do just that. I will continue working on that.

Chris Dillon

About the author: Chris Dillon is a WordPress developer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. When not trying to figure out why his plugins aren't working, he walks his rescue dog Gordo, takes a nap in the backyard or makes a mess in the kitchen.