This version fixes 4 bugs, adds some requested features and improves compatibility.


In the Modern template, (1) the option to skip loading Font Awesome was ignored, and (2) the pagination controls had a fixed width which made double-digit numbers stack vertically.

Some slideshow controls were (1) showing if there were no slides, and (2) unclickable in Internet Explorer 11.

A conflict was found with the Lazy Loading Responsive Images plugin. Testimonial featured images were being displayed twice. Those images are now excluded by default from handling by that plugin but there’s an option to include them if necessary.


By default, only administrators can access the plugin’s settings, custom fields, and views. Now, custom capabilities allow you to control access to those features using a plugin like User Role Editor.

The checkbox field type can now be checked by default. This works well if you use the checkbox field for consent or agreement with privacy policies, cookie use, terms of service, etc.


For developers, more filters were added for even deeper customization:

  • strong_testimonials_prerender – to enable prerendering of shortcodes.
  • wpmtst_read_more_page_url – to modify the URL portion of the “Read more” link.
  • wpmtst_read_more_page_link – to modify the entire “Read more” link.
  • wpmtst_form_redirect_url – to modify where a successful form submission redirects to.
  • wpmtst_styles – to modify the array of stylesheets before they are loaded.
  • wpmtst_scripts – to modify the array of scripts before they are loaded.
  • wpmtst_script_vars – to modify the array of script variables before they are printed.


I added a cool new “About” page with helpful instructions and links. And I performed some minor refactoring to improve efficiency. Coding, like any craft, improves with practice. 🙂

Chris Dillon

About the author: Chris Dillon is a WordPress developer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. When not trying to figure out why his plugins aren't working, he walks his rescue dog Gordo, takes a nap in the backyard or makes a mess in the kitchen.