The WordPress post is a very powerful thing. It has both simple and complex features. Version 1.3 greatly improves the ability to harness that power.

Testimonials are a custom post type and therefore have all the same features as blog posts, including archive pages, custom fields and comments.

It is now completely in your control whether a testimonial is available to visitors using the standard WordPress mechanisms. That includes permalinks, archive pages and search results.

The settings page has been improved to behave more like the view editor in Strong Testimonials. Options that depend on other options will be activated or deactivated as needed. This makes it easier to understand how testimonials will work on your site.

For example, if you decide testimonials should not be viewable via URL or permalinks (and therefore only viewable using the [testimonial_view] shortcode) then the permalink and archive options are disabled.

Updating the plugin should be smooth and painless but please check your settings afterwards. If you have any questions or trouble, start a support ticket.

Chris Dillon

About the author: Chris Dillon is a WordPress developer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. When not trying to figure out why his plugins aren't working, he walks his rescue dog Gordo, takes a nap in the backyard or makes a mess in the kitchen.