This version improves the review markup when including the aggregate rating.

Votes vs. Reviews

AKA ratingCount vs. reviewCount

Bottom line: Display the aggregate rating with stars anywhere but only include the aggregate rating markup when displaying the associated testimonials.

Aggregate rating markup without the associated testimonials seems to result in the word “Votes” being used in the rich snippet instead of the word “Reviews”.

Now, each view has the option to include the aggregate rating markup enabled by default. So your testimonials will have complete markup: reviews and aggregate.

To also display the aggregate rating, e.g. 5 out of 5 stars, use the shortcode:

[testimonial_aggregate_rating with_reviews no_markup]

with_reviews means the associated testimonials are present on the page so please, Google, use the word “Reviews” not “Votes”.

no_markup means the testimonial view is adding the aggregate rating markup already.

These extra shortcode options are exactly what testimonial views were meant to replace. I will be converting this to a view mode soon.

Thanks to Brian Deeney for the nudge. 🙂

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