About the Plugin

Lucid by Elegant Themes is a sleek and modern magazine theme that clearly excels at displaying tons of content without being too busy or cluttered. Clean design will give your site an organized layout that is a pleasure to read. Lucid is also fully responsive so the design will adapt to mobile phones and tablets for a better browsing experience.

This add-on for Strong Testimonials integrates your testimonials by adding eight templates especially designed for Lucid.

View templates

Three templates designed for pages that match Lucid’s look and can handle a variety of images sizes. They work well with slideshows, pagination, and layouts like grid or Masonry.

Two templates designed for widgets, especially slideshows, with extra style for Lucid’s home page widget areas.

Single templates

Two templates for viewing individual testimonials and a custom archive page so your testimonials will look as beautiful as your single blog posts in Lucid.

Form template

The form template matches Lucid’s style all the way down to the Submit button.


This add-on also includes some minor tweaks to the Strong Testimonials default templates to keep them looking good in Lucid.