Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this free, full-featured, highly customizable WordPress testimonials plugin is designed to work right out of the box.


Some of many features:

Submission Form
  • custom fields
  • anti-spam options
  • ready for translation

  • easy to configure
  • built-in templates
  • slideshow options

  • categories
  • manual and automatic excerpts
  • full thumbnail support

Because it is so flexible, it can be also be used for reviews or feedback from your customers about your products or services.


What are the shortcodes?

[testimonial_view] – To display your testimonials as a list or a slideshow, or to display the form. There are no complicated shortcode options. Instead, a view manages all the options with an easy-to-use (some call it fun!) editor for creating unlimited views.

[testimonial_view id=1]

[testimonial_count] – To display the number of testimonials you have. For example:

Read some of our [testimonial_count] testimonials!

Can I add testimonials from YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram?

Yes. The plugin supports the WordPress embed feature so you can add testimonials from these sources.

Is it WPML compatible?

Yes. Polylang too.

Can I change the fields on the form?

Yes. There is a custom fields editor where you can add or remove fields, change field details, and drag-and-drop to reorder them.

Can I customize the form error message and the “Submit” button?


After the form has been submitted, can I redirect them to another page or display a custom message?

Yes and yes.

Can I add Captcha to the form?

Yes, the plugin integrates with three popular Captcha plugins.

Can I add the form to a popup?

Yes, with the excellent Popup Maker plugin.

Can I receive a notification email when a new testimonial has been submitted?

Yes, and you can send it multiple recipients. You can completely customize the email content and include any submitted information.

Can I set the status of the newly submitted testimonial?

Yes, either pending or published.

Can I reorder my testimonials by drag and drop?


I want to use categories. Can I add a category selector to the submission form?

Yes. After setting up your categories, you can add a category dropdown or checklist to the form.

Can I change which client fields appear below the testimonial?

Yes. In views, these custom fields can be changed with a few clicks.

My theme also includes testimonials. Will that be a problem?

It depends. If you encounter trouble, start a support ticket and we’ll sort it out. If you want help disabling testimonials in your theme, even better. 🙂

Will it automatically use my existing testimonials?

No. If you already have testimonials in another plugin or theme, you will have to re-enter them. Why? Because every theme and plugin stores data differently.

Can I import my existing testimonials?

It depends. The plugin does not provide an import tool because every situation is different. With some technical skills, you may be able to successfully export your existing testimonials to a CSV file and import them into Strong Testimonials. Contact me if you want help with that. Otherwise, it may be simpler and easier to migrate them manually.

I’m familiar with template files. Can I customize the template?

Yes. With some HTML and CSS knowledge, you can copy any template to your theme and customize it as you see fit. You can also have multiple custom templates. Contact me for help.

Can I display a large version of the featured image in a popup?

Yes. This requires a lightbox so if your theme does not include one, you will need a plugin like [Simple Colorbox](https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-colorbox/).