Designed to get you moving quickly

Whether you're a seasoned pro or an absolute WordPress beginner, hit the ground running with Strong Testimonials' intuitive features and default settings.

Be simple, or be complex

The plugin comes pre-configured to match many situations, from the customer information on each testimonial to the display options. You really can start receiving and publishing testimonials quickly – without reading the manual ;).

Or mold testimonials to fit your unique situation by customizing the form and selecting which fields to display. Custom fields are deeply integrated into every facet of getting and showing off your testimonials.

Publishing and organizing your testimonials works just like posts and pages to help you maintain a smooth workflow.

Use your theme, or don't

For designers and those who know a little CSS, each testimonial can be displayed using your theme's single post template. This is a great option when you have long testimonials and high-quality photos that really tell a story.

The more common approach, especially for short review-like testimonials, is to use one of the plugin's templates which are designed to look good in a variety of themes.

Either way, feel free to ask for help if you need a few style tweaks.

Be orderly, or be random

You have several options for displaying your testimonials, including sorting them by date, in random order or by dragging and dropping them into whatever order you want.

Show off your testimonials in a list or grid on their own page. Or add a slideshow, with plenty of options, to a sidebar or footer widget.

Categories provides a quick and simple way to segment your testimonials by product, service, location, team member, etc.

And then there's the form

Yes, the free version comes with a testimonial submission form. It's pretty cool. Use the simple form editor built right in to decide what information to ask of your customers. Add Captcha to keep spammers at bay.

Redirect successful form submissions to another page or simply display a "Thank you" message. Be notified when new testimonials have arrived; in fact, notify as many admins as you want.

Long shortcodes are oxymoronic

Emphasis on moronic. Strong Testimonials has one main shortcode. Instead of learning a new shortcode language, all the options – to display the form, to display testimonials in a list or a slideshow, to add custom fields to your theme's single post template – are all handled by a thing called a view.

A view is simply a group of options in an easy-to-follow editor. It's similar to a normal settings page in WordPress but it's more... intelligent. It knows what options to show based on your other selections.

Views make it super easy to experiment with all the possible options, instead of typing and retyping shortcodes, to find the right configuration for you.

And each view has default settings so you can get started (or start over) quickly.

Ready for more

For developers and advanced users, any plugin template can be copied to your theme and modified as you see fit. You can create unlimited custom templates.

Plenty of action hooks and filters are available for fine-tuning how testimonials work on your site.

Strong Testimonials is also ready for translation using WPML or Polylang.

Privacy and GDPR

By default, this plugin:

  • does not store any user or visitor data,
  • does not send any data to remote servers, act as a service or embed content,
  • does not edit the comments form in any way.

The plugin also prevents displaying email addresses in your testimonials on the front end.

However, this plugin provides features that may involve private data.

  • If you use the testimonial submission form, the data collected on that form will be stored in your database.
  • If you enable the administrator notification email upon new testimonial submission, the data collected on your form, at your selection, may be included in that notification email.
  • If you enable comments on testimonials, the plugin will use your theme‚Äôs single post template and comment form.
  • If you embed third-party posts such as Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook in your testimonials, you will be agreeing to the Terms of Use of those third-party sites.

It's called Strong for a reason

  • Strong features – refined over 4 years with feedback and ideas from people just like you
  • Strong compatibility – with other plugins and premium themes
  • Strong support – from personalized instructions to debugging conflicts