Couldn’t believe

I was a little skeptical about getting support as I am using a free version.
But I couldn’t believe my eyes when promptly I got the response to my mail. I really owe one to Chris Dillon who took extra pains to analyze the problem from my wordpress admin dashboard and rectified.
This is what you call support!!!
Hats Off to you Chris

S Saxena
January 2019

Exceptional support!

I’d previously chosen this plugin because of its flexibility in adding custom fields and input through the frontend.
For a new website – where one can light a candle as support or prayer for someone else – I searched for a targeted plugin, but found nothing.
So I decided to give this plugin a try.
Although I was sort of abusing the plugin, Chris has helped me beyond my expectations! He went the extra mile to have it working for me and the communities it is intended for.

Chris, thanks so much!

Eddy Hoogendijk
November 2018

Fantastic Plugin that works really well with accessible interfaces

We use this plugin on our My Disability Matters Community site and it works perfectly.

The input form for people leaving testimonials is fully accessible and I myself can use the form and all admin features with my screen reader software.

It is also terrific that the plugin is well maintained, updated and is working under PHP7.2 for us perfectly.

Highly recommend the plugin for everyone.

Great support

I had an issue that was caused by an upgrade. Within 12 hours of submitting a ticket, Chris found the conflict and fixed it. Great support.

Chris Grabowski
June 2018

Outstanding support

I´ve been using Strong Testimonials for quite a while and I love the plugin. After an update I encountered a problem though and contacted the support. Chris was ever patient and did everything to help me, explain the tech stuff and solve the problem. I have to say that I´ve never experienced such an awesome support before.
Thank you!!

May 2018

This Kind of Support is Rare Today

A super great plugin and when I requested help, I received fast, informative support that I have not experienced in years!

Oh my gosh! You are the best! You have really gone the extra mile for me and I am so very appreciative! 🙂

Randi Thornton
March 2018

Super simple to setup

Super simple to setup for showcasing client feedback & testimonials to attract new business.

Nigameash Harihar
March 2018

Stellar support!

Not only is this a great plugin, but the support is fantastic.

I had immediate response and help with an issue, and friendly follow up.

Very impressive customer service, I give StrongPlugins and their Strong Testimonials plugin 5 Stars! (I also ordered the schema markup, perfect add-on for this plugin)

March 2018

Exceptional, unexpected and AMAZING Support!

Just a word of gratitude and praise for Chris at Strong Testimonials. If you need a testimonial plugin, choose this one.

I exported 2,000 testimonials from a site we’re redoing (was originally GC Testimonials) and was having trouble uploading and using with Strong Testimonials. So, I reached out. Not only did he answer right away, he reformatted my whole file to work. Then, when I had trouble uploading via WordPress import (kept timing out) he (without asking) split into 3 files, and offered to split into 10 if that didn’t work.

Who does that kind of stuff anymore??! And…it’s a free plugin!

December 2017

Exceptional product and even better support.

I installed the Strong Testimonials plugin, and purchased the add-on so Google could display the star rating. I couldn’t get the stars to display on my site, so I started a support ticket. Chris was very responsive and was able to identify that the issue was related to my theme. It wasn’t a problem with his plugin at all, but he downloaded my theme, edited it to remove the conflict, and fixed ANOTHER issue that was completely unrelated while he was at it. I was positively shocked at the level of support. Thank you Chris!

Cleve O
October 2017

Great plugin, great support

What a great testimonial plugin. Many features, 100% customizable and easy application!! Exactly what I was looking for. Noteworthy: support was absolutely professional and effective.

100% recommended!

September 2017

Best experience with a developer

Best experience with a developer in the history of experiences with developers.

Leigh Peterson
July 2017

This is the testimonial plugin to use

Sand & Steel Fitness’s Review of Strong Testimonials

Versatility: A+
Functionality A+
Design A+
Management of plugin A+
User Support A++
Rich Snippet Addon: A+

If you are thinking of adding testimonials to your website (and you probably should) this is the testimonial plugin to use. Trust me, I have tried every one on the market. Chris’ plugin is better than all others in all respects. Loyal and happy customer.

Chris Was Awesome!

I had an issue with the Strong Testimonials plugin, where the CSS was not loading on the front-end of the website. I submitted a ticket, and Chris got back to me within a few hours. After testing things out, he fixed the issue. Within a couple hours, a new update was released, and now I am happy to say my popup form is working perfectly! Thanks so much Chris!

May 2017


I downloaded the free version of the testimonial plugin and installed on my website. I am not very good with these things so I asked Chris for some help. 2 days, 24 exchanged messages, Chris did not stop supporting me, answering my stupid questions and fixing what needed fixing, till it was all set and working.

Thank you Chris… you are one amazing guy and I can tell you are a pro that loves what you do.

Highly recommended.

Translate From Inc.
May 2017

Excellent service!

Excellent service! The testimonial plugin works great on our site, and when I had a question about customization, I received immediate feedback with detailed, personalized instructions. Thanks!

Christine Petroff
February 2017

Spectacular Customer Service!

Chris was amazing! He responded promptly to my call for help, quickly identified the issue and had a fix for me in NO TIME! It was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES I’ve had with a developer to date. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and professionalism! JOB WELL DONE!

Mel Gattis
December 2016

Strong Testimonials is a great product with superior customer service!

When a recent update left me without quote marks on my testimonials, Chris was quick to respond, sourced the issue and created a fix. His attention to the forums is superior. Love the product and the service provided.

December 2016

The customer service is very good!

I had a slight problem after a recommended update to the Strong Testimonial plugin. I sent a support ticket in and had a response within several hours that fixed the problem. The customer service, when needed, is very good!

Mike Geslinig
December 2016

Chris rocked my testimonials page

Chris rocked my testimonials page. I required some customizations to fit my site’s requirements. I am a retired software developer and Chris was able to knock out my requirements. I knew exactly what I wanted and he dialed it in perfectly.

Steve Wofford
July 2016

Above and Beyond!

I would like to say not to use Chris so that we could just keep him all to ourselves, but of course I cannot do that. I initially contacted Chris to request his assistance on some finishing touches to his Strong Testimonials Plugin. (I am a complete novice when it comes to WordPress and yet I found this plugin super-easy and straightforward to use.) I was only hoping that Chris could take one of his own default forms and possibly customize it to match the other forms we already had throughout our site. Chris responded within minutes to my first email and almost immediately made himself available. That alone made him stand out to me but then once he had the chance to review our site from that point on he just continued to amaze! I mean, Chris saw we were using Gravity Forms and so he basically went in and created from scratch a custom testimonial plugin designed specifically to our needs and theme. Talk about utilizing what you already have in an effort to keep WordPress running mean and lean, and that is exactly what he did! But he didn’t stop there! While working on our site he discovered some other unrelated issues and ended up fixing every one of them, johnny on the spot! By the time he was done we had a beautiful new working testimonial plugin and more than a few other problems resolved! Chris is fast, efficient, transparent, engaging, collaborative, and thorough. More importantly, he is skilled in what he is doing. He was quick to answer, provide options, and complete tasks. He went above and beyond in so many ways! Thank you Chris. Five stars for sure!

Robert Souza
July 2016

Need a Testimonials Plugin? This is for You!

I was in need of a plugin to display testimonials on our website as the service we were paying for and using stopped and left us in a slump. I also wanted the site visitors to be able to have the ability to submit a testimonial on the website nice and easy to set up no problems. I was also looking for the functionality to be able to show particular testimonials on certain pages as a slide show. I reached out to Chris and within minutes he responded with how to make this happen and again really simple, and the plugin is well maintained with great support! Thanks Chris for taking the time to develop this wonderful plugin and support you provided.

Andrew Marriott
June 2016

The support is awesome!

I’ve used Strong Testimonials for about a year now and after an update there was this dreadful “500 error” on my website. I contacted Chris with this and he was very helpful in trying to solve the problem. Also he reacted on my e-mails very quickly. Chris saw that I had a lot of testimonials on my site and told me that Strong Testimonials wasn’t developed for such a huge amount of testimonials. Nevertheless he tried to solve it. In the end an update to version 2.0 and rearranging the testimonials did the job. I truly recommend Strong Testimonials for its flexibility and support.

Tjeerd Doosje
March 2016

Top class professional support and development

I struggle to find adequate words to express just how much I have just benefitted from Chris’s expertise, fast speed and patience with me … on so many seemingly unrelated things which were wrong with my website. Chris knew exactly what to do, and how to do it, so I now have an updated website, equipped with a superb testimonial widget (Strong Testimonials) which he tailored to my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris for any kind of support you might need – and the Strong Testimonial plugin is definitely a leader in its class! Thanks Chris.

Jan Rymarz
February 2016

Quick and efficient support for a very good widget!

Chris helped me with a lot of questions I asked to get Strong working. It was the first time I was building a website so every expert advice was very welcome as my mistakes were numerous. I want to say that Chris answered my first e-mail on a Sunday afternoon, which was quite a surprise because, even if I had cried for support this very afternoon, I didn’t expect him to answer so soon. And he helped me through all the process, very efficiently, until my testimonial page worked perfectly. I tried many testimonial widgets before Strong but was not very satisfied with the results. I really wanted Strong on my website and so, I am very indebted to him for his help. Thank you again for your help, Chris! I couldn’t have done without it!

Anne Metelli
December 2015

Quick and Helpful

We had a bit of a clash with the Strong Testimonials plugin and another plugin on our site. I alerted Chris to this and after an exchange of emails to get to the root of the problem, he’d got us a new version that fixed the problem the very next day. Thanks, Chris!

Alex Hughes
April 2015

An excellent way to handle testimonials

I’ve been looking for a way to add testimonials to my site, but don’t have time to code a solution. This plugin does the trick. It lets me collect and display testimonials accessibly and with ease.

Amanda Rush
February 2015

Great support!

I really love the look of this plugin. I also really like the flexibility it offers without having to duplicate content! I have used it on a number of websites now – but there was one in particular that I had a conflict with the theme. However, because I like the plugin so much I contacted Chris – he was absolutely brilliant in the level of support he offered and worked on resolving the conflict until it was fixed. Thanks for a fab plugin.

Rebecca Wade
January 2015